Ruth Davidson Calls For Unity – keep our country together

Ruth Davidson Calls For Unity
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Ruth Davidson Calls For Unity. She delivered the message at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham

Ms Davidson made it clear she backed Theresa May.  The message: I standby our Prime Minister. Enough anger heard over the Brexit issue.  Ruth Davidson said: The country must be brought back together again.

Enough referenda had been held in the country. No need for anymore.  A reference to demands for another Brexit referendum.

It was a packed auditorium.  Members welcomed the Conservative MSP. A politician constantly winning praise from colleagues and other parts of the nation.

The MSP admitted she was looking for a job.  A crucial move in a career for a politician.  The job is First Minister Of Scotland.  But to do this, Nicola Sturgeon and her party have to be knocked out.  Can Ruth Davidson do this?

What are your thoughts about Ruth Davidson?  A determined woman and eager to make great political strides.

Let us know your thoughts.  Visit our comment box and leave your views.

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