Rise of Sea Level Accelerating – scientists warn urgent action needed

Rise of Sea Level Accelerating

Rise of Sea Level Accelerating. Scientists warn caused by global warming.

Sea level rise is generally accepted as a fact in the scientific community. But from information gathered by analysing satellite data now show that the sea level is rising even faster than expected.

The warning comes from hundreds of scientists who have gathered at a symposium in Ponta Delgada on the Island of Sao Miguel in the Azores. They were there to mark 25 years of progress in Satellite Altimetry – the study of sea levels.  They exchanged scientific expertise and discussed the latest developments in the understanding of Earth’s surface variations captured by satellite.


The radar altimeter is a unique instrument in space.  It is the only technology that can monitor the rise in sea levels and warn what is happening.

The new data is staggering. A warning has been issued.  For the scientists they have no doubt that the sea level rise is an urgent problem and caused by global warming.  Research data will be passed on to environmental leaders.  Urgent action required so let’s hope it happens.

Melting Ice

Scientists warn that the levels will continue to rise.  Ice is melting fast around the globe because of the heat stored in the ocean. They say that the acceleration will be devastating for coastal communities all over the world.  Take a look at the video where you will hear about the evidence.  Also learn the locations worst affected. The video is informative and full of data.

Is this a worry?  Are world leaders doing enough to combat global warming?  Many nations talk of taking action but what are we seeing? Should public also urge leaders to take more action? Would you like to see immediate action? If continues all coral reefs will die. Scientists warn that the rise in climate warming will kill all coral in the ocean.  This is more than serious.  How do we get leaders to take action? So far little has been done to stop the affects. Scientists are crying out for urgent action.  it needs to happen now!

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