Conservatives LIVE Stream – REPLAY – Theresa May – danced on stage💃

entertained the crowd

Conservatives Live Stream.  It is all happening in Birmingham. Sunday 30 September to Wednesday 3 October. Watch the Prime Minister’s speech @1:31:47 – that’s when she starts dancing 💃

Last year Theresa May choked while speaking. This year she is set to deliver the speech that could either make or break her.  She closed the Conference with the words that Britain’s post-Brexit future is in our hands.  Together let’s build a better Britain.   Also insist her party remains “on the side” of hard-pressed families.  Theresa May did not mention “Chequers” once!

On Tuesday Sajid Javid outlined the immigration plans Conservatives have for the country post Brexit. PM talked about important changes will be made.  The country will choose who they want to enter the UK. Immigrants could be from any country in the world if they have the skills to boost the country’s economy.  Let us know what you think once your’ve heard the plan.

Members of the Conservative Party gathering to either have their say, listen to what the cabinet has to say or just take on board what’s happening.

It is going to be an interesting battle. There are so many differences among the Conservative MPs over Brexit that it is likely to cause friction.

Will Boris Johnson continue making a big noise?  Very likely.  Will William Rees Mogg also stir up problems?  Also very likely.


Brexit is dominating and likely to do so for rest of conference. This is to be expected.  The issues are not going to go away.  Let’s see how much of the Brexit battle will emerge.

Let us know your thoughts on what you’ve seen so far.  What did you think the PM’s speech?  Drop by our comment box below and leave your views.  We would love to hear from you.  Tell us what you think of the conference and what has been said so far. The Prime Minister speaks on Wednesday so don’t miss her speech to the country.

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