Labour Party Annual Conference 2018 – Jeremy Corbyn ready to lead country

Labour Party Annual Conference 2018
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Labour Party Annual Conference 2018.  Jeremy Corbyn ready to lead the country

Jeremy Corbyn lays out his policies and vision for the nation .

Mr Corbyn promises to “kickstart a green jobs revolution” if Labour wins power.  This message in his closing speech to his party’s conference.

He will point to Labour’s commitment to reduce the UK’s net carbon emissions by 60% by 2030.  Then  to zero by 2050.

To achieve that, 400,000 skilled jobs will need to be created, he will tell delegates in Liverpool.

The move will be part of a “radical plan we need to rebuild and transform Britain”, the Labour leader will say.

Much of the money to pay for the policy will come from the public purse – such as the £12.8bn Labour says it will set aside for subsidies to insulate homes in Labour’s first term.

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