Assassination Nation Trailer – 23 November plus BFI Cult Gala

Assassination Nation Trailer

Assassination Nation Trailer.  Don’t miss this preview to a thrilling, scary sometimes funny movie.  It hits cinemas November 23.

Part of cult Gala at the BFI London Film Festival on the Southbank:

October 19, 20 and 21.

This is how the story goes

High school senior Lily and her three best friends live in a haze of texts, posts, selfies and chats — just like the rest of the world. Their small town gets turned upside down when an anonymous hacker starts to reveal personal messages and secrets of thousands of people. As anger erupts into full-blown violence, the four girls soon find themselves in a fight for their lives against an armed mob.

Director:  Sam Levinson

Writer:  Sam Levinson

Stars:   Odessa YoungHari NefSuki Waterhouse 

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