Preparing For Vega-C – set to deliver payloads into space

Preparing For Vega-C

Preparing For Vega-C – it will deliver payloads into space

After the success of the European Space Agency’s Vega launcher it was decided in 2014 to develop a more powerful launcher based on Vega’s design.

This became the Vega-C with the C standing for consolidation. This launcher is a response to ever evolving market demands and long-term institutional needs.

The launcher will be even more versatile and  able to deliver heavier payloads into orbit. Recently a successful test of the P120C solid rocket marked a crucial step in Vega-C’s development process.

Vega-C will first launch in 2019.

In this video we see how Vega-C’s stages are created from lightweight carbon fibre, how the Vega Launchpad in Kourou is being prepared for the larger Vega-C and how ESA continuous development of the Vega launcher makes it even more versatile.

The participating states in this development are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic.  France, Germany, Ireland, Italy.  Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.  You will notice that Britain is not on this list.  Brexit issue maybe?


Should UK be part of this project? On the other hand would Britain build its own if needed?

What are your thoughts about this launch.  Will it make money?  There are reports that many are eager to catch the space action.

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