Boris Brexit Battle Against Theresa May – now wants to be Prime Minister

Boris Brexit Battle Against Theresa May
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Boris Brexit Battle Against Theresa May. The PM is standing down an ideal situation for Boris Johnson. He’s already said he aims to be Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson attacked Theresa’s May’s Brexit plan, saying she had “wrapped a suicide vest” around the British constitution and “handed the detonator” to Brussels.

He made the comments in an article in the Mail on Sunday.

The former foreign secretary said the Chequers deal was “feeble” and “pathetic”.

He has been strongly criticised by some Tories – one minister said it marked a “disgusting moment” in politics.

Boris has not kept quiet about his feelings for the Chequers plans since they were published.  However, some believe his antics are a way to attract attention as a possible leader of the party and the country.

The UK is leaving the EU on 29 March 2019, and the government’s plan – agreed at Chequers in July – has sparked criticism from Brexiteer Tories as well as the EU.

Could all this lead to a leadership challenge.  Would Boris Johnson win?

Here’s street reaction from Maidstone, Theresa May’s constituency and Uxbridge where Boris Johnson is MP.  Public frank about their views.

What are your thoughts about the Boris/May Battle?  Is it right what the former Foreign Secretary is saying and doing?  Should there be such division?  Wouldn’t it be better if everyone just shut up and get on with it?  Why is it that such anti attitudes are dominating the headlines? Wouldn’t it be better if the media played a part in ending the cracks that are showing in the negotiations? Come on the nation voted to pull out of the EU let’s get on with it! Don’t hesitate to let us know your views. Drop by our comment box.



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