Dua Lipa and Jaguar Create Music Track – fans can re-mix while driving🎶

Dua Lipa and Jaguar Create Music Track
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Dua Lipa and Jaguar Create Music Track – fans re-mix the song in the car🎶

Global superstar and singer-songwriter worked with Jaguar to create music in completely new way  using revolutionary technology

Dua Lipa’s latest track Want To is influenced by data from the singers drive in an I-PACE electric car.  Jaguar’s innovative software inside the vehicle helped create a personalised remix.  It captured the acceleration, braking and energy behind the wheel.

Fans can also personalise their own version in three ways: from data captured by the all-electric I-PACE, through Spotify, or by tapping a rhythm on a mobile.

Over a million different remixes are possible captured in different moods, tempos and styles of music. This includes hip-hop, orchestral, drum and bass. A right rave!

The superstars hit Want To has already become the most remixed song in history. This after Dua Lipa launched the track at a secret gig in Amsterdam

Now with the influence of data from Dua Lipa’s drive in an I-PACE the song will feature on the new, deluxe version of album titled ‘Dua Lipa The Complete Collection’.  It’s released Friday 7 September 2018.  What a great way to record a track. Fans rave about the new remix.  A great sound created by the star. Want To one of the most popular songs recorded by the pop star. Album streamed on all computers.


Take a look at the video.  There is beauty all around.  Dua Lipa, the music and the electric I-PACE.  Fantastic sound created by Dua Lipa and Jaguar’s new in-car software.

Impressed by how the track was recorded?  Let us know your thoughts.  Drop by our comment box and leave your views.

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