Mission To Tackle Online Child Abuse – tech giants threatenedđź’»

Mission To Tackle Online Child Abuse
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Mission To Tackle Online Child Abuse – it’s Sajid Javid versus the high tech giants.

Home Secretary, Sajid Javid has threatened tech giants over online child sex abuse. He’s said its his personal mission to tackle online child abuse.

Facebook, Google and Microsoft say they are committed to tackling the issue. It is the dark web where a lot of the abuse is viewed.

Up to 80,000 people are a threat to online child abuse. Although some experts say it is a conservative number.  The National Crime Agency recently arrested 130 suspects in the UK.

Growing trends include the live streaming of abuse. This an extremely popular service. Children are not aware of what they are doing.  Also increasing speed of internet service, smartphone technology and the growing ease of money transfers across borders.

Images uncovered by authorities getting more graphic.  Javid says abuse of babies and children under 10 becoming more frequently documented.

Sajid Javid: I’m not just asking for change, I am demanding it. And the people are demanding it too.  And if the web giants do not take more measures to remove this type of content from their platforms, I will not be afraid to take action.

Your thoughts on the Home Secretary’s action are welcome.  Visit our comment box and let us know your views. Do you think his threats will work?  Or is it impossible to track down the guilty. And you can watch on your smart phone.



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