Colette Trailer – 25 January – a hot dramatic biopic + BFILondon

Colette Trailer
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Colette Trailer – She writes but he gets the credit.  This movie hits UK cinemas 25 January 2019

BFILondon October: 11/12/13 visit:

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This is how the story goes

After moving to Paris, author Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette agrees to ghostwrite a semi-autobiographical novel for her husband. Its success soon inspires her to fight for creative ownership. Also overcome the societal constraints of the early 20th century.

And fight she does.  There are amazing scenes of domestic clashes.  Also scenes of sexual excitement.  Keira Knightley plays a role with so many different parts. From the loving housewife, to the lover of men and women.  Be surprised, excited and best of all be thrilled by this biopic movie that will send you in raptures.

Director:  Wash Westmoreland

Writers:  Richard Glatzer (screenplay by), Wash Westmoreland (screenplay)

Stars:  Keira Knightley – ColetteEleanor TomlinsonDominic West.  Fiona Shaw, Robert Pugh

Guardian:  Keira Knightley is on top form in exhilarating literary biopic.  There is no shortage of domestic drama. It’s luminous, clever, sexy and sympathetic.

We agree.  It is an amazing film.  It will catch you out with the unexpected.  So we recommend a must see. The men are handsome and the women are beautiful.

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Film Quotes:

Willy: May I introduce you to my wife Colette.  You’ve married a struggling writer.

Colette: You’ve married a country girl without a penny to her name.

Willy: We’re doomed aren’t we?  I have this remarkable idea.  You could write for me.  What!  Those stories you told me last year. 

Colette:  My school stories? Willy: Yes that could be my next novel



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