Dating And The Internet – it’s called cat fishing these days

Dating And The Internet

Dating And The Internet.  Online dating is helping to hook up people all over the net

The internet has become a great way to meet new people.  It can be just for fun or it can get serious.  It’s worked for many but important to take steps for protection.

Love, lust, jealousy: an online relationship involves all the emotions of an offline one. But there are some big differences.

Some people find it easier to type their true thoughts than admit to them face-to-face. So in some ways you get more honesty online. You might learn about someone much faster in a chat window than on a date.

On the other hand, the internet is the perfect place to tell lies: some small, some huge. It’s easy to create a whole new identity, and you can never be 100% sure that the person you’re talking to is who they say they are.

If you get involved with someone online, you need proof of who they really are before you even consider taking the relationship further.

Remember that photos are no guarantee.

Have you had your online dating experience?  Then let us know.  Drop us a line in the comment box below.  Don’t forget you can watch all our videos on your smart phone.  Just key in and the choice is yours.

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