/Mad Max Museum – built by Brit in Australian Outback where film shot
Mad Max Museum - built by Brit in Australian outback

Mad Max Museum – built by Brit in Australian Outback where film shot

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Mad Max Museum – built by Brit in Australian outback. It stands in the heart of Silverton – one of the hottest towns in Australia. Watch video report by Richard Davies

A British man’s obsession with the film Mad Max has seen him move half way across the world to set up a museum in the Australian outback.

Adrian Bennett and his family packed their bags in Bradford, in 2009, and headed for the village of Silverton in the west of New South Wales. They fell in love with the location after taking a trip there for a holiday.

When they first moved to the town the population was only 50.  Census taken in 2006 revealed a growth in the number of people living there. They had reached 89.

The Bennetts bought an old house built in 1887 that had a plot of land in the town. With this purchase they established the museum featuring the Mad Max 2 movie.

The 1980s blockbuster franchise, starring a young Mel Gibson, was filmed on location there.
Bennett’s museum has an extensive collection that includes vehicles and costumes used during the production.
It gets special feature as a perfect tourist location in the village of Silverton.  They are proud of what they can offer tourists.
The little town also has a hotel and pub for visitors.  Sun shines every day and the temperature can get quite high.


Silverton has featured in a number of films, television shows and commercials.  Its sizzling heat and stark location is perfect for filming.  Space and clear blue skies make the area ideal for film makers.
Film industry is important to the town.  It offers work and contributes to the economy.  The first film to be shot there was ‘Wake in Fright’ in 1970
Enjoy the video produced by reporter Richard Davies.

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