Rang-tan: the story of dirty palm oil – the animals need saving

Rang-tan: the story of dirty palm oil
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Rang-tan: the story of dirty palm oil. Destruction of forests where Orangutans live threaten the animals

Rang-tan’s forest home destroyed to clear the way for palm oil.  This is an ingredient used to make products for brands like Unilever, Mondelez and Nestlé.

If we don’t act, more precious habitats ruined.  Indigenous Peoples could lose their homes, and Rang-tan and her species could be lost forever.

The Orangutans are three extant species of great apes native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Orangutans are currently only found in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.  Their species is under threat because forests destroyed for extract palm oil.  If nothing done the animals become extinct.

The story:

There’s a Rang-tan in my bedroom and I don’t know what to do. She plays with all my teddies and keeps borrowing my shoe. Rang-tan destroys all of my house plants and she keeps on shouting ‘oo’. She throws away my chocolate and she howls at my shampoo.

There’s a Rang-tan in my bedroom and I don’t want her to stay, So I told the naughty Rang-tan that she had to go away. Oh, Rang-tan in my bedroom, just before you go, Why were you in my bedroom? I really want to know.

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