Westminster Car Crash – man charged with attempted murder

Westminster Car Crash

Westminster Car Crash. Man charged with attempted murder.  It follows an incident when a vehicle appeared to deliberately drive into the security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament.

Officers seen surrounding the vehicle before a man was arrested. Authorities later named him as Salih Khater from Birmingham, a British citizen with origins in Sudan. The case is being treated as terrorism.

A number of cyclists injured after a car crashed into security barriers outside the Houses of Parliament, Scotland Yard say.

Armed police, ambulances and firefighters responded to the incident in central London, which happened shortly after 07:30 BST.  Police keeping open mind on what happened.  Search extended to Midlands where its believed the man comes from.

Reports say cyclists were hit but police do not believe anybody in a life-threatening condition.

Scotland Yard say the incident is related to terrorism.  But a number of eye witnesses have said the car appeared to deliberately hit members of the public.  Drone video shows the route the car took as it made its way toward smashing into the barriers.

Westminster tube station closed and streets around Millbank, Parliament Square and Victoria Tower Gardens cordoned off.  But life is returning to normal.

People moved further back from the area as police put up a Terrorism cordon.  Parliament is currently not sitting.

Counter-terrorism in charge of investigation.  Barriers are pretty tough but its the people who pass by in main danger.


Eye-witnesses said only one man in the car and that smoke came from the vehicle.  But it’s not yet clear what the motive was for the incident except it was a deliberate crash. Police questioning the man at a police station. He is refusing to cooperate.  He arrive in London from Nottingham the night before.

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Does this bring back memories of previous attack at Westminster when police officer killed?  It will not stop anyone from carrying on in London.  No one is afraid.  Life goes on as normal.  Police are in control making the area safe.

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