James Webb A Beacon For Science – a new mirror in space

James Webb A Beacon For Science
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James Webb A Beacon For Science – a new mirror for space

Astronomers all over the world are eagerly awaiting the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. The infrared space telescope is one of the most complex observatories ever built.  Designed to carry the largest astronomical mirror ever flown in space

It will allow unprecedented science addressing fundamental questions in astronomy.  Including investigations into the atmospheres of exoplanets and the formation of galaxies,

ESA and the Canadian Space Agency are partners in the NASA-led international project, which will launch in 2021 on a European Ariane 5 rocket.

Team of scientists attended the exhibition of the James Webb Beacon at the recent astronomy conference in the UK.

Olivia Jones, UK Astronomy Technology Centre:

It’s unprecedented. We can’t touch upon any of these starts of early star formation. We don’t know how these elements produced.  Scientists don’t know is it supernovas or dying stars like our Sun that are important in these galaxies. We can’t see that with any instrumentation that currently exists or that’s even thought of. James Webb is the only instrument and I can’t wait to see what it is going to be able to do.”

As you can tell there is great excitement about this project.  It has a programme that will expand the technology used in space.  Also the JWBeacon is the scientific successor to the Hubble Space.

Are you a space follower?  Is this good news for future orbit programmes?  Will it be worth the money spent?  Scientists believe it is.

NASA is hugely excited with the project.  But we are all going to have to wait. There is a delay in its launch.  Due to go October 2018 it is now set for 2021. A long delay but it is going to be worth it.


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