Virgin Galactic Conducts Third Supersonic Test flight – flying humans in space

Virgin Galactic Conducts Third Supersonic Test flight
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Virgin Galactic Conducts Third Supersonic Test flight. Ambition to fly humans into space.  It looks set to happen.

On Thursday July 26 Virgin Galactic conducted a supersonic test flight of VSS Unity.  It was launched from the special runway in Mojave, California.

It’s Virgin’s rocket-powered piloted spaceship with the aim to offer commercial passengers and scientific payloads space travel. The latest test follows an initial and a subsequent supersonic test flight earlier this year.  It marks the third powered flight and a key step forward in Virgin Galactic’s test programme.  It’s estimated to cost about £250,000. Bookings have started. First launch expected in March 2020.  But don’t hold your breath.


Virgin wants to provide affordable and safe launch opportunities for private individuals.  Also for research payloads via the human space flight system. Virgin’s aircrafts have innovative design. The vehicles built to dramatically increase the frequency and safety of space flight.

What do you think of the idea of travelling in space?  Do you think it will happen?  Virgin wants it to happen.  A service for anyone who can afford it.  It would be expensive so a lot of dosh is needed.  But it does sound exciting.  Being up so high and looking down.  Although not a good idea to do that.


On offer is an experience offering unique thrills of spaceflight. Plus an opportunity to leave seats to float in zero gravity for several minutes.  Amazing.  wouldn’t you love to do this?

Wonderful to learn and hear about the space developments. There is so much happening up there.  Or is there?  To top it off the whole experience will be captured on film for each astronaut.  That is what passengers will be known as. A unique personal record of history in the making.  

Its launch vehicle will open up the space frontier to innovators of all sorts.  From start-ups and schools to established space companies and national space agencies. By achieving these objectives, Virgin Galactic and Virgin Orbit will be playing their part in opening space to change the world for good.


Will you go for it? Is it worth supporting?  What do you think?  Is it worth supporting?  Should Virgin spend its money on other things?  Virgin does say this space project is important for future travel.  Would you travel this way if you could afford it?

Your views are important.  Let us have your reaction.  Drop by our comment box below.



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