Brown Grass of London – grass looking like straw

Brown Grass of London
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Brown Grass of London – grass across the Capital is looking like straw

Heatwave conditions throughout the UK has had an enormous effect on lush looking grass. Parks, paths and walkways have turned brown. In London hardly a green blade can be seen.

Weather centre says country officially experiencing its driest start to a summer since modern records began in 1961.

Despite not having lovely green grass to sit or lie on, the public is still taking the sun on dry land.

Using a water hose not allowed during the arid conditions.  So, the beautiful green we are used to cannot be seen or kept up until it rains.

Forecast talks of more hot sun until end of this week (28 July).  Some parts of the country have had some rain.  But it’s not expected to head south until later.

It is unusual to see the public sun bathe on dry grass.  But they are determined to catch some of the good hot weather. Trips abroad to catch the hot sun not necessary.

The Capital does look a bit odd without lovely green grass.  However that will change once it rains.

Do you have a hot weather experience.  Please tell us about it.  Visit our comment box.  We’d love to hear from you.



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