King of Thieves Trailer – 14 September – gang leader Michael Caine

King of Thieves Trailer

King of Thieves Trailer. Fascinating true story of the Holborn heist in 2015. Bunch of old timers behind the £200m robbery.  Hits UK cinemas September 14

This is how it goes

Retells the story of the notorious 2015 burglary that briefly fascinated the nation.  It is believed  up to £200 million was stolen by a group of retired crooks.  The group of unoccupied and bored pensioners consulted a series of how-to books to plan their final job.  Police initially believed it was carried out by a gang of super-thieves.

Director: James Marsh

Writers: Joe Penhall (screenplay), Mark Seal (magazine article)


Michael Caine, Charlie Cox, Michael Gambon, Ray Winstone, Jim Broadbent.  Tom Courtenay, Paul Whitehouse

Guardian Stuart Heritage:

This is a murderer’s row of a cast, made all the better by the underlying feeling that most of them probably knock around London together in the swinging 60s, driving fast cars and smoking cigarettes and being horrible to women. 

Your view

Do you remember the story?  It made headlines across the country and around the world.  Police were baffled for some time.  Eventually they began making arrests.  Not sure whether they caught all of them but some are in jail. Let us know what you remember. Our comment box is below

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