Gareth Southgate Underground Tribute – all change Southgate station

Gareth Southgate Underground Tribute
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Gareth Southgate Underground Tribute – a surprise for many of the passengers on the Piccadilly line train.

When they alighted and saw all change for the station’s signs cameras were out in a flash.

Football fans couldn’t resist a selfie when they got off at their local Southgate underground station in North London. Transport for London and Visa changed its name to Gareth Southgate in honour of the England team’s successful manager.  It will be there for two days only.

But while it was there the new name was welcomed by passengers.  It was a celebration mood at the Gareth Southgate station. It helped created a happy mood just like when England team won during the World Cup in Russia

Gareth Southgate can be proud.  It took the country on an incredible journey. One that hasn’t been experienced in football for more than 50 years.

The Grade II* listed Piccadilly Line station will retain the Gareth Southgate name until 23.59 on Tuesday 17th July 2018.

Hope you get a chance to see it.  Let’s hope the sponsor Visa will reconsider and leave it there for a little while longer.

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