/CO2 and Beer Shortage – there’s still drink🍻
CO2 and Beer Shortage

CO2 and Beer Shortage – there’s still drink🍻

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CO2 and Beer Shortage – it is not stopping customers from enjoying a good drink🍺

Brewers are confident that supplies in UK will continue. It’s summer and the beverage is in demand.  Also, the World Cup 18 has tempted extra beers all round.

Supplies of CO2 are limited.  An unusually high number of factory closures which produce the gas has closed. They produce CO2 as a byproduct of the fertiliser industry.  It’s not known when the situation will improve.

It is understood that Brewers are working their socks off to make sure beer continues to flow. The British Beer and Pub Association says the UK can produce as much as ten million pints of beer a day.  They are confident the situation is improving.

But some pubs are struggling to offer customers their favourite brands.

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in St Albans and member of the Campaign For Real Ale told ynuk.tv how they are coping with the problem.

Have you found yourself without beer or the fizzy drink?  Let us know.  Where did it happen?  Did you find a way of getting hold of a pint?  Drop by our comment box with details.

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