Arcadia Trailer – 21 June at venues across the nation – folklore horror from 100 film clips

Arcadia Trailer
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Arcadia Trailer – a folk horror wrapped in archive film. In cinemas from 21 June. Go here for venues:

Arcadia, the new film from the BAFTA award-winning Scottish director Paul Wright explores our complex connection to the land we live in. It combines over 100 film clips from the last 100 years.  Also a grand, expressive new score by musicians Adrian Utley from Portishead and Will Gregory from Goldfrapp.

The film goes on a sensory, visceral journey through the contrasting seasons.  It explores the beauty and brutality, magic and madness of our changing relationship with the land and each other. A folk horror wrapped in an archive film, it’s a very strange trip indeed…

BFI released Arcadia in selected cinemas UK-wide in the symbolic, celebratory day, Summer Solstice, 21 June 2018.  There will also be a soundtrack album, details available soon, and the BFI will release the film on DVD on 20 August.

Using a mixture of film and TV footage from the BFI National Archive and regional archives around the UK, director Paul Wright creates a mosaic of contrasting images, sounds and moods. He’s taken in folk carnivals and masked parades.  Hunting and harvesting, communes and raves.  Mechanisation, environmental issues, fires, floods, storms and much more.

Arcadia reminds us what happens when our connection to nature, and indeed each other, frays and unravels. By exploring and asking ourselves what we have gained and lost in the last century, perhaps we will discover something of what we’ll need to survive in the next.

Is this your kind of film? Certainly has a character of its own. The film has had some good reviews from film critics.  Expect surprises, horror and fun.  The music is awesome.  Could be the best part of the film.

Are you a solstice fan?  If so the film will be a must to see.

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