Brexit Heading for the Split – negotiations one big mess

Brexit Heading for the Split
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Brexit Heading for the Split – deal due to be done by end of March 2019

Negotiations to make the break are struggling to get sorted. Politicians anxious to have their say and often this leads to a delay in discussions with the European Union.

The nations voted to leave the EU 23rd June 2016.  It was a very close vote but it meant UK had made its decision and wanted out. There were protests but they couldn’t overturn the country’s vote to leave.

But the stayers not happy.  So, interruptions have been going on along the journey to sorting out the exist deal.  There is something different every day.  It is difficult to keep up with.

There are sticking points like the Irish border and the Customs Union.  PM Theresa May says it’s under control.  But is it?

This is driving some in the community crazy.  And there’s talk of wanting another referendum.  Should this happen?  It is not likely at this stage.  But who knows there could be a parliamentary vote once the deal as been struck.

Watch the video where street reaction believes the process is one big mess.



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