Windrush Scandal Debate – LIVE Replay from parliament – Sajid Javid “angry”

Windrush Scandal Debate - LIVE from parliament
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Windrush Scandal Debate – LIVE Replay from Parliament.  New Home Secretary Sajid Javid answers urgent question at 16:15.  A Petition on the scandal is to be debated at 16:30.  Amber Rudd’s resignation has changed a number of things.  New Home Secretary is one of them.  The rest we will see. 

New Home Secretary has pledge to do whatever it takes to put things right. He referred to his own family who were migrants from Pakistan to the UK.  He said he is angry too about the scandal.  Diane Abbott maybe angry but so are others.  She does not have a monopoly on anger.  His parents were migrants of the 60s. Mr Javid will do whatever it takes to put it right.

Petition reads: Amnesty for anyone who was a minor that arrived in Britain between 1948 to 1971

[In between all this there’s an urgent question on the merger of Sainsbury’s and Asda.]

For almost two weeks, British ministers have been struggling to explain why some descendants of the so-called Windrush Generation are being denied basic rights. This is because of trouble documenting their status.  They were invited to Britain to help fill shortfalls in the workforce between 1948 and 1971.

The pressure on Amber Rudd was immense.  She finally stood down Sunday April 29. It followed that  she said the British government didn’t have targets for deporting people. Later a memo emerged mentioning specific targets for enforced removals.

Ms Rudd was facing new questions about whether she misled parliament. This after her former deputy said on Sunday he discussed with her attempts to increase the number of government deportations.

Brandon Lewis, now the Conservative Party chairman, told the BBC on Sunday that targets were “very different”.  Especially from an aim to increase the number of removals referred to in the memo.

Calls for Amber Rudd to resign have echoed across the country.  Leading the demand is Diane Abbott, Labours Home Secretary.  Damage has been done and it is time for the Amber Rudd to step down.

Home Secretary

So far, Mr Javid has promised a fresh look at the immigration police. We will learn more when he speaks in the House today. The son of a Pakistani bus driver said he would review immigration policy to make sure it was fair and people were treated with “dignity and respect”.

It is likely Theresa May will show up in parliament.  She has been up north promoting local elections. But reports say she is heading for the House of Commons.  If she does appear it will look good for the new Home Secretary.  It will strengthen his position in his new role.  Hopefully he will be able to calm down the whole affair

Visit our comment box and leave your thoughts. We are interested in what you have to say. There is an awful lot going on.  Hope can keep up with it.  But the main issues are Windrush and the Sainsbury take-over of Asda.  Mind you it is time for food prices to come down and that is what Sainsbury’s is promising.



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