Northern Ireland’s McClenaghan Wins Gold🥇 – knocked Whitlock off top slot

Northern Ireland's McClenaghan Wins Gold
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Northern Ireland’s McClenaghan Wins Gold. His amazing performance in the pommel horse clinched the medal and toppled England’s Max Whitlock. Watch the video for the win, the hugs and the medals

Northern Ireland’s Rhys McClenaghan beat England’s Max Whitlock to win his country’s first medal of the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the pommel horse.

The two finished with scores of 15.100, but 18-year-old McClenaghan took gold over the Olympic champion thanks to better execution.

Zachary Clay of Canada won the bronze.

McClenaghan described his gold medal as “a huge result”.  He said: I’m not here to take part I’m here to win medals.  Well done Rhys that’s the way to go!  But will you be able to maintain it?  Let’s hope so.

Family was there to see the great win.  They loved the young athlete.

Were you impressed with the young gymnast from Northern Ireland?  Are you more of a Max Whitlock fan?

Tell us how you felt when Rhys McClenaghan beat Max Whitlock.  Leave your emotions in out comment box.  Did you see it live or did you go to replay on the BBC iplayer?

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