Public Test Driverless Cars In Greenwich – thousands engaged in 3 year trials

Public Test Driverless Cars In Greenwich
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Public Test Driverless Cars In Greenwich.  Results of the three-year GATEway project: 78% support idea of Autonomous Vehicles.  

The public invited to test prototype vehicles and services through a number of research streams.  They included simulation trials and observations of pedestrian behavioural interactions with driverless vehicles.  Also automated grocery delivery trials and a public shuttle service. This  offered a hop-on hop-off service at the Greenwich Peninsula.

Over 31,000 members of the public engaged with the research over 3 years.  The tests were carried out in Greenwich.  A perfect location to try out the futuristic cars.

More than 5,000 people signed up to participate in the self-driving shuttle service trials. Open to residents and visitors to Greenwich. 1,300 members of the public interviewed.

There was positive support for driverless vehicles, but safety concerns key.

The GATEway project is described as the start of something big. It certainly looks exciting.  The vehicle have compact design with artwork to match.  Speed doesn’t seem to be a priority.  But then if travelling in large city centres or residential areas it is perfect.

Leading the study was a unique consortium made up of industry experts, world-class academics and the Royal Borough of Greenwich.


Is it a good idea?  Will the idea catch on?  It is great the project happened.  The Government wants a clean environment in the country and is encouraging this kind of vehicle.  Aims to have more on the road by 2020. Results of the trials suggest this could happen.

This is future driving.  A network of driverless cars.  Amazing to see these smart cars throughout the Capital.  Could have them designed in a style that fits your taste.


Quote 1: There is no question that connected and autonomous vehicles are coming. What we are going to see soon is these vehicles on the public roads. On the roads you now drive on.

Quote 2: It’s just going to be the future of transport. It’s going to open up a lot of possibilities for people. This is the very, very start of something exciting.

Quote 3:  GATEway’s a series of trials really looking at how people are going to use future transport, new mobility solutions in the future.

Quote 4: These trials are all about engaging members of the public and getting their feedback and perceptions on how these vehicles are going to fit in with their lifestyles.  How they’re going to fit in with smart cities in the future.

Do you like the look of them?  Are they the kind of vehicle for you? Would they be cost effective? Time for the change to happen? Should they be used across the nation?  How would they compare to an electric car? They are popular.

Check out how the trials went.  Watch the video.  There’s more on the trials and research.  Let us know your views.  Look forward to your comments. Don’t hesitate to make contact.

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