Russia Spy Poisoning: Moscow Expels 23 UK Diplomats – PMs response

Russia Spy Poisoning: Moscow Expels 23 UK Diplomats
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Russia Spy Poisoning: Moscow Expels 23 UK Diplomats. Government to consider next steps alongside allies and partners

Russia is to expel 23 British diplomats. This is because of a row over the nerve agent attack on an-ex spy and his daughter in the UK.

The Russian foreign ministry said the UK staff would be expelled from Moscow within a week. It is in response to Britain’s decision to expel 23 Russian diplomats.

It also said it would close the British Council in Russia. The Council promotes cultural ties between the nations, and the British Consulate in St Petersburg.


Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia remain critically ill in hospital.

They were found unconscious on a bench in Salisbury, Wiltshire on 4 March.

The UK government says they were poisoned with a nerve agent of a type developed by Russia called Novichok.  The Russian government denies any involvement in the attack. Could it have come from somewhere else?  Jeremy Corbyn believes more time needed to establish where it came from.

What should happen now?  Are there appropriate moves the UK can take to stay ahead in this row?  Is it possible the Government will encourage the FA to withdraw from the world Cup in Moscow?

This would be tricky.  Some fans booked their trip to Moscow in the summer. Not happy to lose their money.

In any case is Moscow really concerned about what Britain does?  They are a power into their own.  Whatever happens it is not likely to affect the Kremlin. Mrs May makes clear the UK has not got it in for the people of Russia.

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