London Live City Tour – welcome to another view of the capital

Live views London
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London Live City Tour – panoramic view of one of the most stunning locations in the Capital.

Welcome to this live link that moves gently along the City skyline of London.

Meet the fog, sunshine and clear days.  Catch the cranes sprinkled along the view.  Regular building works happening in the city.  A sign of development and change. One day they will be there on another day they have gone.  Work has finished.

No best time is suggested.  Any time to watch the lie view is good.  Don’t miss St Paul’s Cathedral in the middle of it.  A completely different piece of architecture compared to rest of structures.

Sections of the view are lined with trees.  At the moment they are bare but it won’t be long before leaves and blossom will appear.

Good thing is no traffic appears in the live stream.  Cameras concentrate on the skyline of the city.  Also, people traffic is out of sight.

Stay with the stream for as long as possible.  It is always available. Enjoy the daylight, sunset, evening and night.

Let us know the best bits.  Or, maybe the whole view is perfect.  Are you watching?

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