Soldier On – A New Play – by Jonathan Guy Lewis – Tour ended but new dates planned

Soldier On - A New Play

Soldier On – A New Play.  On tour till end of April.  New dates planned. Written and directed by JONATHAN GUY LEWIS.  A soldier turned actor turned writer and director. A Soldiers’ Arts Academy and Amanda Faber Production

What happens when a company of ex-soldiers becomes a company of actors? A theatrical band of brothers. Although it’s not a cure all, the bonding, the humour, the theatre of war helps to put them back together again.  As a company of veterans and actors rehearse a play about a company of veterans and actors.

Although worlds apart they begin to realise there are more similarities between military life and the theatre than they bargained for.  Building a powerful new world of their own.

This is a heart-warming story about surviving the forces and PTSD and what happens when you leave the military ‘family’.

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Author: Jonathan Lewis

Director: Jonathan Lewis

Set Designer: Anthony Lamble

Choreography: Lily Howkins

Producer Amanda Faber: Often PTSD can take years to surface and the impact it can have on the lives of the soldiers and their families is profound.

Gravesend Reporter Soldier On is a brilliant play.  Funny and honest and heartwarming

Bookings are going well. It would be good to have full houses everywhere they play. Soldier On has had a lot of good publicity.  This is good for the show.  Means forthcoming venues know what it is all about.

Will you be going?  Let us know what you think of the show.  It would be good if it was a sell-out event.

Video quotes:

Had double fracture of my pelvis. Take a selection of stories.  Put them together as plays.  Have soldiers perform them.  After a battle we’d light a big fire.  We’d talk about what happened. That somehow, healing of traums some had been through.

I said that sounds exactly what I need.  I read the script and I realised word for word.  My recovery, emotional journey of sharing with the actors, with the others in that room in that safe place was captured in the script.

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