Bafta Awards 2018: Leading Actress Frances McDormand

Bafta Awards 2018: Leading Actress Frances McDormand
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Bafta Awards 2018: Leading Actress Frances McDormand. She thanked the British people for the accolade.

Then the star admitted she was not in compliance with most of the guests attending who were wearing black.  Frances McDormand had donned a brightly coloured gown.  But despite this, she stood in full solidarity with her sisters in black.

She voiced her support for the Times Up and Me Too campaigns.  She ended her speech by saying Power to the People.

The star won huge applause for her comments as well as for winning the Bafta award at the Royal Albert Hall in London.  Basically, there was backing for her to win.

Wearing black

Frances McDormand is a brilliant actress.  Should she have worn black?  Ms McDormand spoke of her full solidarity with her sisters on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace.

At least she got the message out.  Talked about it to a packed ceremony and to millions of viewers. This is bound to have a massive effect.

The star was having a good time. A great evening.  Mixing with the best in film and television.


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing in Missouri tells the story of a mother. She personally challenges the local authorities to solve her daughter’s murder.  They have failed to catch the culprit.  To get the message across she posts three huge signs just near her town. It is controversial and angers the local police.

It is a black comedy.  Has had excellent reviews.  Considered to be a massive success.  Is it the kind of movie for you?  Now that it has awards will you go and see it?




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