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Locals On Their Marks for Birmingham 2022

On their Marks for Birmingham 2022

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On Their Marks for Birmingham 2022 – Countdown started.  Tickets on sale now! visit: https://www.birmingham2022.com/  #Brum

Birmingham is a-buzz with the Commonwealth Games 2022.  Street reaction enthusiastic about the great sporting event.  Dates: Thursday 28 July – Monday 8 August.  Mid-summer and perfect for outdoor events.

Regeneration is in full swing in the city.  Building works, renovations and expansions are part of the scene in the heart of Birmingham.

Construction going on.  Not only for the benefit of the community but also for the preparations of the Commonwealth Games.

The atmosphere is full of enthusiasm as well as being sporty. The economy is expected to be boosted, more jobs, more visitors.

Birmingham won the bid after South Africa stripped of the event. This because it failed to meet a series of financial deadlines.

Commonwealth Games Federation described the host as being diverse with a population originating from all 78 Commonwealth member federations.

The budget: £750m with the Government covering around £560m, Council £190m.

Not everyone delighted about hosting the Games.  Some economists believe the money invested would be better spent on education and transport.  The Council also criticised. It’s been accused of not being able to organise emptying bins let alone organise a Commonwealth Games.

Are you ready?


But this hasn’t changed the mood.  There is a feeling of excitement.  While some consider the Games to be a long way off others can’t wait. Plans being made to attend.  Need to book early for many of the events.  Hotels preparing for the crowds. The most important outcome of hosting the Games is jobs.  Thousands expected to be created. This will boost the economy.  But will the cost of living in the region remain the same?  Prices could rise.

So, will the Games be popular?  Will the community get to go?  The Games held mid-summer.  It is holiday time. School will be out kids will have a great time.

We talked to locals on the streets of Birmingham.  Catch what they had to say as they gave their views of Birmingham 2022

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