Celebrating A Decade of Columbus – Watch again – #Columbus10Years – Tim Peake guest

Columbus 10 years Watch Again
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Celebrating a Decade of Columbus – Watch again.  Meet the team who created and designed the space lab.  Join in the party! Space is having fun and feeling proud on this special day

One space lab, five spacecraft, 10 years of success. A decade ago, the Columbus laboratory set sail for humanity’s new world in space. Would it work?  Did it reach there?

Shortly after, the first Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) arrived at the International Space Station.  It became the most reliable and complex spacecraft ever built in Europe.

The event is a unique opportunity to re-live some exciting milestones.  Join us.  Connect live to the Station.  Listen to high-level discussions. It is a learning process as well as a fun experience.

Can we describe it as a game changer?  Let’s see what the scientists say.  There’s a lot of talk and pride going on at the European Space Centre in Netherlands.  Some of it is easy to follow the rest we will leave to the scientists.  But then space is a specialised area and not everyone can follow its language.


12:30  Welcome by Jan Wörner, ESA Director General,

12:50  Roundtable “How did Europe join the Space Station?” led by Jörg Feustel-Büechl.

13:25  Roundtable “Challenges of a space adventure – from development to launch”, led by Alan    Thirkettle.

14:10  Video link with the Columbus Control Centre in Germany.

14:25 .Coffee break

15:00  Roundtable “A decade of European research”, led by Marc Heppener.

15:40 .Conversation with ESA astronauts.

16:15   ESA goes commercial: signing of agreement for the Bartolomeo all-in-one space service.

16:25  Closing remarks by David Parker and Mark Geyer.

16:45   Live call with the International Space Station.

17:05  End

This follows the successful launch of Falcon Heavy Rocket at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Like Columbus it set space history.  But today is Columbus’s day. It will be exciting to be connected with ISS during the party.  A time slot not to miss.


This is a brief look into the history of Columbus and the reason for the celebrations: 

Earthlings are eager to catch up with Columbus. There will be great views from the Space Stations’ cameras.  They are located all over the space craft. Expect to see some amazing footage from inside and outer space. NASA to join in on the fun.  The more the merrier.  Don’t miss out.

Ten years ago Columbus took a shuttle ride to space.  Europe’s new space laboratory flew into orbit and was carefully bolted on to the International Space Station.  Today it’s a busy workspace and the favourite quarters of the recently returned astronaut Paolo Nespoli.

A decade has passed what will the astronauts say?  Meet past and present crew members.  All have worked in the Columbus lab.  Scientific study part and parcel of the job while on board the space station.


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