Polar Bears Running Out Of Food – special cameras capture amazing footage

Polar Bears Running Out Of Food
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Polar Bears Running Out Of Food – cameras attached to their collars helped capture their search. 

High-tech tracking collars on nine female polar bears have measured the animal’s efforts to find food. The search on the diminishing Arctic ice.

Each bear wore a collar – recording video, location and activity levels – for 8-12 days.  Metabolic tracers tracked the bears’ energy use.

This revealed that most of the animals were unable to catch enough prey to meet their energy needs. Food is scarce

The team says wild bears have higher metabolic rates than thought.

Moreover, climate change appears to be having dramatic effects on the Arctic sea-ice.  This is forcing polar bears to move greater distances as they hunt.  It makes it harder for them to catch prey.

The vision of a polar bear plucking a vulnerable seal off an ice floe is something familiar to wildlife documentary fanatics. Earlier this winter, though, an image of an emaciated polar bear went viral.  Many asked if this was the telltale image of climate change.

Authors of this study point out that the animals do now need to travel further to find seals.  This is likely to be an “important factor explaining declines in their body condition and survival” of polar bears.  The data was published in the journal Science

Dangers of climate change have been around for some time. Will it change?  The message is clear.  Action is needed.  If not hunger could turn to death

Video BBC Science and Environment



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