Eclipse 2018 View Again – watch how the MOON changed colour

Eclipse 2018 View Again
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Eclipse 2018 View Again  – watch the MOON change as the day and night passes by. Thanks to Space Video you can take a look at how it all happened.

Don’t miss the different shades of the moon this January 31. Catch how it is slowly moving around the world.  While doing this take a look and the different colouring.

It can look brilliant in colour.  The moon can also fade from sight as it travels around earth.  It will take a full day

Unfortunately the Western Atmosphere couldn’t see the beautiful moon.  But those in the Western North America, the Pacific and swathes of Asia caught the amazing colour changes.

It is the biggest event of the lunar system to happen on this year.  It was a total eclipse of the moon.  However only certain sections of the globe got to see it.

But here is a chance to see how it happened.  The colour changes were smooth and beautiful.

Millions of people were amazed and delighted when they saw the MOON gradually turn blue red.  It made headlines worldwide. It is likely to be some years before we see another eclipse like this one again.  Scientists marvelled at what they saw. The dark sky was a perfect contrast







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