Journalism Competition Launched For London – 2018 winners revealed July 10

Journalism Competition
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Journalism Competition Launched For London – tell a story.  Have a say about London and win prizes. It is one of the most exciting cities in the world.  Don’t miss the story. Deadline May 21!


There are openings for aspiring journalists in the Citizen Journalism Competition for Londoners.  Led by the London Learning Consortium, the London Voices contest is now underway.  It is designed for anybody who lives, works or studies in the Capital over 14. No previous experience needed.

There are great prizes too. Among them tools for the trade.  Such as photography, print, broadcasting, audio and online.  Blogs are becoming popular and so are Podcasts.  The awards will contribute to helping winners train in the profession.  All contestants need is enthusiasm, dedication and the desire to tell a story.

This competition is an opportunity to learn about the news business.  Also, can help develop a career in the industry. There is help on the way.  Workshops are planned to introduce contestants to journalism.  A golden opportunity.  Not to be missed.

London has a population of nearly 9 million.  Residents speak more than 300 languages.  Among them are stories that hardly ever make headlines.  Their news worthy activities can get lost before they reach a newsroom.

The news industry is growing. What is missing are good and accurate stories that will grab the attention of the public.Most outlets in London are crying out for great and accurate content.  But they need help in finding it.  This is where local journalists can do their job.  News Editors rely on them and are eager to know about a good news story.

Telling a story

Citizen journalism can help change this.  By digging, researching and compiling the best of what is happening, more diverse voices will be heard.  They make the news.  Your stories heard, read, viewed by the masses in London.


To enter contact London Voices 2018:  Have a say.  Tell a story about the Capital. 

The competition is now in its second year and growing.  Last year – the opening year – was a huge success. According to indications this year looks like it will outdo 2017.   Don’t miss out.  Deadline 21 May 2018.  Have you submitted your entry yet?  Not much time left.  We want to hear from everyone. Be a journalist and tell a story. Also, leave a comment we want to hear from you. The community wants to hear from you. Locals want their stories seen and heard. Mix with them and discover what they have to offer



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