Blue Planet II – Filming Giant Waves in Portugal – stunning drone footage

Blue Planet II - Filming Giant Waves in Portugal
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Blue Planet II – Filming Giant Waves in Portugal – Weather jeopardises filming plans off Nazaré’s coast in Portugal.

Most of Blue Planet 11‘s filming has been under water. But in this video clip we get a close-up view of the skills in filming giant waves from above.

Drones with cameras attached were taken with the rest of the filming equipment.  They were perfect to shoot from great heights. The team waited for two days before the monster waves began crashing on the shores. 

There were a couple of hiccups with the drone but once sorted the footage is outstanding.

The remote control techniques used to catch the enormous ocean waves off the coast of Portugal brought results.

What is also stunning is to see surfers on their board riding the waves.  There was no fear. They just rode with the flow.  The speed and weight of the waves didn’t seem to worry them.

The wonders of Blue Planet II have brought pleasure to millions, but not uncomplicated pleasure. Each episode was a wonder to watch. Scenes from deep down in the oceans were breath-taking.

Sir David Attenborough narrated and presented the series. He and the rest of team were magnificent in telling the wonders of the sea and the environment.

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