Baby Sea Dragons Hatch – Blue Planet II from Green Seas show

Baby Sea Dragons Hatch - Blue Planet II
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Baby Sea Dragons Hatch – Blue Planet II – Episode 5 BBC One – Green Seas

Baby sea dragons emerge from their father’s egg pouch and start to feast on mysis shrimp.

Wildlife documentary series, presented and narrated by David Attenborough, exploring the planet’s oceans.

Mysis is one of the Sea Dragon’s favourite foods.

Baby sea dragons hatch among the sea grass.  The young stay in the open until ready to join their large ones.

There is no shortage of food at any stage in their lives.

This series of Blue Planet II is drawing to a close.  Broadcast on BBC One Sunday evening at 8pm the popularity of show is amazing.

Viewing figures are outstanding.  Blue Planet II is described as the most watched programme on TV in 2017.

The programme attracts about 10.3 million viewers each week. It is expected to continue its success until the last episode in this series.  There are two more to go.

First episode blew all other shows off the top ratings chart.

Blue Planet II always thought to be a success.  Any show that David Attenborough is involved with turns out to be huge.

This is Sir David’s last epic.  Although not likely to be the last show



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