Blue Planet II Octopus Adopts Clever Disguise – wraps itself in shells

Blue Planet II Octopus Adopts Clever Disguise
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Blue Planet II Octopus Adopts Clever Disguise – watch how it fools the creatures

BBC One Sunday night November 26 you can watch the full-length show about the cunning Octopus.

This devious creature creates a protective suit of shells to hide in plain sight.

The most fascinating scene is when a shark knows there is an Octopus is around.  But just can’t find it.  Then it smells the creature and takes an aim. But the female Octopus is very clever and scuttles away leaving the shark looking among the strewn shells.  She survives.

It is not the only time the Octopus has survived. The video captures the hiding tricks.  It is the first time they have been filmed

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