Parliament Wrapped in Steel – for repairs to save Palace of Westminster

Wrapped in Steel
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Parliament Wrapped in Steel – some parts of building on verge of falling apart

Visitors to Westminster in for a surprise or disappointment.  They will see he Palace of Westminster virtually wrapped in a casing of steel. 

This allows for essential repairs to be carried out ahead of the major work. The plans for this expected to unfold within the next year or two.  Basically the building could fall apart if not done.

The Palace of Westminster a Grade I listed building and the country obligated to take care and keep it in good repair. It is part of the UNESCO Westminster World Heritage site.

But there are a number of hurdles to tackle.  The current repairs need to be done immediately.  They will take 2-3 years.

By then the more serious work needs to kick in.

Since its construction in mid-1800s many features and systems not undergone renovation. They are totally antiquated.

Parliament expects to spend £4billion to complete the repairs. Although it could rise in the future.

Contracts awarded to help ensure safe and secure future of Palace of Westminster.  One is an American firm the other British.


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