The Hypnotising Cuttlefish – Blue Planet II – a devious creature

The Hypnotising Cuttlefish
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The Hypnotising Cuttlefish – Blue Planet II – a devious underwater creature

This master of disguise has an unorthodox approach for hunting crabs. A stunning view of the habitat deep down in the ocean.

The Cuttlefish has some amazing techniques to catch it prey. Watch how it can change its colour to trick the crab.

Crabs can defend themselves with their sharp claws.  But the cuttlefish is too clever.

If it wants to fill its stomach it will use all its talent to capture the shell creature.

Blue Planet II is one of the most successful programmes showing on BBC One. A stunning look at what happens beneath the deep blue sea.

Sir David Attenborough deserves further recognition for his work.  He is the inspiration behind the production team.

Visit here for more on the Blue Planet II series

Quotes: The cuttlefish.  It specialises in hunting crabs.  But a large crab is a dangerous quarry.  It has powerful paws. 

The cuttlefish however has a remarkable talent.  It’s skin contains millions of pigment cells with which it can create ever changing colours and patterns. And that apparently hypnotises the crab.

The crab is a goner. Swallowed up quickly without a fight. But not before long the creature is looking for more.

Quotes:  The cuttlefish maybe clever but a shark is bigger.

There is no time to hang around. Time to disappear. Need to look elsewhere for more crabs



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