Brine Pool of Death – Blue Planet II – episode 2 – an eel fights to survive

Brine Pool of Death - Blue Planet II
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Brine Pool of Death – Blue Planet II : episode 2. A cut throat eel ventures too close to a deep-sea brine lake. Sunday November 5 BBC One

A glimpse into an ethereal, alien world has been captured by BBC cameras. Ventures to the bottom of the sea an eel fights to survive.  Cameras film the near demise in a brine pool of death.

The eel writhes in incredible movements just above the opaque pool.  But it is too close.

Quotes: Sir David – The brine embalms their bodies

The filming of Blue Planet involved a thousand people. Producers, researchers, camera crews, deep-sea divers. Helicopters and drone operators.

One hundred and twenty-five expeditions undertaken across every ocean. The number of days spent at total 1,500 and 6,000 under water.

The first episode was a huge success.  Viewing figures far surpassed any other programme showing on the TV networks.  Public stunned by the footage shown well below the ocean level.

A lot of courage is need to dive deep into the waters. Special submarines and equipment help.

Take a deep breath.  Blue Planet II the seven part landmark series narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Don’t miss it



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