Labour Activist Warned About Pursuing Rape Claim – now made public

Labour Activist Warned About Pursuing Rape Claim
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Labour Activist Warned About Pursuing Rape Claim – Labour officials recommended not to tell anyone about it

A Labour activist has revealed she was raped at a party event. A senior Labour official discouraged reporting the attack.

Bex Bailey was told reporting the 2011 incident could damage her.  Ms Bailey given no advice on what to do next. Bex, now 25, was 19 at the time.

The activist told the BBC she had waived anonymity to urge changes to the way cases are handled. More women prepared to come forward with similar stories. Society ready to encourage change.

Labour said it had launched an independent investigation.

This will look at claims that a party employee acted improperly over 2011 allegations. Labour supports code of conduct in the workplace.

The issue of sexual abuse within politics and the parties’ response has come under the microscope. This follows recent allegations about sexual harassment in Parliament.

Labour: robust procedures both inside as well as outside Parliament are needed. Jeremy Corbyn has written to members urging anyone with a complaint to come forward using confidential party procedures.

The 25-year-old is a former member of Labour’s ruling National Executive Committee.

In an interview with PM on BBC Radio 4, Bex described how at age of 19 the rape happened.  It was by someone senior to her within the Labour Party not an MP. The incident remained secret until now


Labour Party spokesman: The Labour Party takes these allegations extremely seriously. It takes great courage for victims of rape to come forward.  All support must and will be made available to them.

More women are coming forward with stories. Cases have happened in the past as well as currently.

Authorities in turmoil.  But advice given if serious and have evidence report incidents to the Police. Important problem don’t ignore it.


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