Parliament Inquiry into Eniola Aluko and FA – blackmail suggested by footballer

Parliament Inquiry into Eniola Aluko and FA
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Parliament Inquiry into Eniola Aluko and FA – a suggestion of blackmail came up in the evidence.

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee (DCMS) called in Football Association’s executives Wednesday October 18. Complaints about the handling of the Eniola Aluko racism claim against Mark Sampson had grown out of proportion.

The Committee is investigating why the FA had not sorted out the issue.

The hearing was held in the House of Commons.  Eniola Aluko attended and gave evidence.

Information Eniola gave described how the negotiations had reached deadlock. Neither side would budge over a payment agreement. Only one part of the payment paid to the footballer.

During the evidence Eniola outlined how discussions with the FA seemed fruitless.  Demands made by the executive were impossible. This, the footballer considered, to be close to blackmail.

This surprised if not shocked the Committee. Aniola was questioned again about the blackmail issue.  The footballer confirmed that it was the message the FA gave.

FA executive, Martin Glenn also gave evidence. Glenn confirmed a sum had been agreed as payment to Aniola Aluko. While part of it had been paid there was still an outstanding payment.

Questioned about whether the FA planned to make the final payment.  Glenn refused to give a definite commitment.  The FA will reflect on it. This is not what the Committee wanted to hear.

Time has passed since the racism claim. Mark Sampson believes his comments were not racist. Sampson, manager of the Women’s England team was fired from the job. This because of FA evidence which found the remarks he made considered as inappropriate and unacceptable.

The whole affair has turned into a long wrangling issue.  The Sports Committee hopes to reach some conclusions on the matter.  But it is likely to some time before finalised.


In the meantime Sampson considering his own legal action against the FA. The situation could not get worse.  Could all this lead to heads rolling from the Executive team?  The Football Association been in trouble before.  In particular with fans.  Let’s hope the hearing comes up with some answers.  It is good to get it out in the open.


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