Mersey Gateway Open – more business – more jobs – more power to the North

Mersey Gateway Open
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Mersey Gateway Open – it’s a new world out there. It will boost business and create more jobs.

Halton’s iconic new crossing of the river, the Mersey Gateway Bridge, has now opened to the public.

Following a spectacular fireworks display last night, the bridge opened at 00:01 hours (Saturday, 14th October)

The opening of the 1,000m-long bridge is the result of more than three-and-a-half years of construction work across Halton. The bridge acts as the centre-piece for the huge road project.

Mersey Gateway opened under budget after Halton Borough Council and the successful bidder, Merseylink, worked together.  A saving of around £250million was made on the project costs during the procurement process.

The project features more than nine kilometres of new roads. Seven junctions and 12 new bridges. An integrated traffic control information system. It uses innovative smart road technology.

New bridge will mean quicker, easier and more reliable journeys across the Mersey, and the wider north-west region.

A toll needs to be paid and a registration necessary to travel. But hey its great.  It looks fantastic.  There are not toll booths on the bridge. This allows for free flowing traffic. Makes route much faster. Watch out for the cameras. They can read plates and stickers. So, if payment hasn’t been made the cameras will know.  Special deals on offer.  Worth checking them out. Could help make journey easier and ticket free.

Go here to register:


Work on the project: more than 5,000,000 man hours / days spent on the construction

More than 25,000 people from at least nine countries across the globe worked on the project

Ten miles of cables connecting the three pylons to the bridge deck

Recovery and re-use of 1,423,2250 tonnes of previously contaminated materials

Top team at Mersey Gateway is proud. It’s taken three and a half years.  A lot of hard work. A big thank you extended to all involved.  The bridge helps make Halton a destination for business  investment. Also a place ideal for families.  A dream come true.

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