Scotland Ready To Pay For EU Citizens To Stay – needed for NHS and public services

Scotland Ready To Pay For EU Citizens To Stay
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Scotland Ready To Pay For EU Citizens To Stay. They are needed for the NHS and public sector

On the BBC’s Marr show, Nicola Sturgeon said the Scottish Government will cover the fee of EU citizens applying to stay post Brexit.

First Minister spoke of a so-called “settled status” fee of any EU citizen working in the public sector in Scotland.

Prime Minister Theresa May has offered settled status to EU migrants who have lived in the UK for five years.

However, the UK government hinted that those applying for the status will have to pay a fee.

Scotland’s first minister made the announcement ahead of her party’s annual conference in Glasgow.

EU citizens in the UK are not entirely convinced they would be welcome to stay in the country. Many have been here for decades and believe they have a right to stay anyway.  Others arrive on a yearly, monthly or daily basis.

Both sides of the border need them.  The National Health service would struggle if they could not employ them. The same for the public sector. EU citizens plus others work in areas others not prepared to do so.

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