Brexit Withdrawal Bill to Go Through Parliament – this will end EU Law in UK

Brexit Withdrawal Bill
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Brexit Withdrawal Bill to Go Through Parliament – watch the winning vote being delivered in House of Commons

This is how it went:

MPs voted 326 to 290 to back the bill at second reading, which allows the bill to continue through its journey through Parliament.

MPs vote 318 to 296 against Labour’s amendment which sought to decline to give a second reading to the bill.

This means that once the Bill has completed its parliamentary process EU law will not longer be valid in the UK.

Prime Minister Theresa May welcomed the vote.

There were 107 speeches delivered by MPs during the two day debate.  But there is still more work to be done.


MPs opposing the government’s EU repeal bill will be voting for a “chaotic” Brexit, ministers have warned.

Brexit Secretary David Davis said people did not “vote for confusion” in last year’s referendum.   Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson urged MPs not to frustrate the process.

MPs will hold a key vote on the legislation, which aims to end EU law’s supremacy in the UK, on Monday night.

Labour says it will oppose the bill, claiming it represents a “power grab”.

This is what the Bill is all about:

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill, which the government previously referred to as the Great Repeal Bill, overturns the 1972 European Communities Act which took the UK into the then European Economic Community.

It will also convert all existing EU laws into domestic ones, to ensure there are no gaps in legislation on Brexit day.


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