London: Tower Bridge Live – and a busy River Thames that snakes through the Capital

Tower Bridge at its best
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London: Tower Bridge Live – watch what happens as people walk, sail or row through one of the most outstanding structures of the Capital day or night

See the daily activity on London’s Tower Bridge, including bridge lifts, live on Tower Bridge webcam. Watch what’s happening on the Thames every day.

The River Thames is one of the busiest routes in the Capital.  Tourists enjoy the number of boat rides they can take. Going for a sail offers the opportunity to capture some of the views of London.

There are also police vessels. They can be seen on the Thames policing the waters.  Their bas is not far from the Tower Bridge. They keep an eye for all kinds of criminal activity.  Thames Police often known for retrieving bodies from the river.  It is one of the ‘spots’ where some choose to take their lives.

A commuter service also operates from Woolwich to Westminster with other stops on the way. This is useful for the public to avoid crowded transport services.  Becoming popular

Pedestrians use the bridge all day long.

For more great views of Tower Bridge, including time-lapse footage, go to

To see more of what London has to offer take a look at this link:

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