Self Driving Lorries To Be Tested in UK – expected on motorways by end of 2018

Self Driving Lorries To Be Tested in UK
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Self Driving Lorries to be tested in UK – an ambition for innovation. Environment a benefactor

Small convoys of partially self-driving lorries to be tried out on major British roads by the end of 2018. Tests carried out by the Transport Research Laboratory. Very interesting project. Eager to have it succeed.

Platoons of about 3 lorries will travel in formation with acceleration and braking controlled by the lead vehicle. A human driver in that lorry will communicate with the rest of convoy wirelessly. In other words using a wi-fi system. Fascinating prospect.

There will be £8.1 million of government funding for the trials.

The trials carried out in 3 phases. The first focusing on the potential for platooning on the UK’s major roads.  Initial test track based research will help decide details such as distance between vehicles and on which roads the tests could take place. Each phase of the testing begins when there is robust evidence that it can be done safely.

Similar trials successfully carried out in Europe and the United States.

The wi-fi technology in the trucks expected to help fuel efficiency savings for haulage companies.  This could eventually benefit consumers. Also cleaner environment.  Affordable form of travel.

Watch the Platoon trials in action in the Netherlands. These are some of the first to be done in Europe. The main tests carried out on special tracks and later on main highways.

Are you a fan of this kind of driving? Is the investment worth it? Are self-driving vehicles the way to go?  Do you want more testing before going live?  Drop by our comments box.  Let us know what you think. Your views are important.

Video courtesy DAF Trucks Ltd.



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