Homeless People Threatened With Fines In Oxford – many have nowhere to go

Homeless People Threatened With Fines In Oxford
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Homeless People Threatened With Fines In Oxford – many have nowhere to go and lose their belongings. 

Homeless people in Oxford have been threatened with fines of up to £2,500.  This is for putting their possessions in shop doorways. On twitter the Labour Council said bags had blocked fire escapes posing risk to workers inside. They were working closely with homelessness charities spending £1.4m a year.

News of the fines hit headlines worldwide. But Oxford Council doesn’t appear to be embarrassed by the attention it’s getting.

Young people are drawn to Oxford known for its spires, prestigious universities and affluence. However, the Council does not want the image of homeless people on the streets to stop the visitors.

In 2015 an Oxford University student union group set up a petition to persuade the council to abandon its plans to ban rough sleeping.  It seems not to have worked.

Green Party’s health spokesman for the Oxford City Council is campaigning to have attitudes changed. spoke to David Thomas of the Green Party in Oxford.

What are your views on homelessness? If not doing harm why not sleep on streets?  We would like to hear for you.  Please leave a comment in the box below.



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