Theresa May Works with DUP to Form Government – she says she’s ready to begin Brexit negotiations with Brussels

Theresa May Works with DUP to Form Government
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Theresa May Works with DUP to Form Government – not a good election for the Conservative Party. But Mrs May says: Let’s get to work!

At dawn on 9 June the Prime Minister knew her plan had backfired.  She did not get the landslide lead she was hoping for.  This left her in a difficult situation in Parliament.  Not what Theresa May wanted.

It was time to see the Queen and let her know that Mrs May had got her thoughts together and sorted out a deal with the Democratic Union Party of Northern Ireland.

So this was the message for Her Majesty

Prime Minister Theresa May told her she will form a government that will guide the country through Brexit.

She said the Conservative Party will work with the Democratic Unionists of Northern Ireland to support her minority government.

Is this going to work? It will have to.  Britain needs strength and stability to move forward.  On the horizon are Brexit negotiations.  They will be interesting as Brussels is suggesting the GE17 results hav left Mrs May in a weaker position.

However, the PM has regained her confidence and is talking the best Brexit deal for the UK



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