GE17 Top Two Parties Compete with Slogans – a close finish is forecast

GE17 Top Two Parties Compete with Slogans
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GE17 Top Two Parties Compete with Slogans.  The Conservatives and Labour both have  mantras aimed at out doing each other.

The Conservatives main mantra is Forward Together. Labour has come up with For the Many Not the Few. And there are more. Both political parties have been criticised and in some cases praised for their slogans.

It is tradition to have slogans with General Election Campaign.  Margaret Thatcher used “Don’t just hope for a better life.  Vote for one.”

Tony Blair tackled his campaign with “new Labour your Britain”.

Current leaders believe they have a different battle while campaigning for the vote.  Technology has encouraged a smart and magic tone.

Voting in the General Election is June 8. Not much time left.

There are about 7 million people who could vote but are not registered. Many of them are young and possible first voters. But it’s not compulsory so there are those who would rather not vote at all.  The procedure is not understandable and it is easier just to ignore election day

So are they any good? Take a look and see what you think.



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